About Starfield Magazin

The premise was a bimonthly edited, professional magazine called Gerendaházak which started
in February 2003 as a unique publication in the Hungarian press market.
It has been a great success not only among its readers but also among experts. Main feature of the magazine is to display lightweight constructions, stick-houses, timber and log houses.
Beyond, you can find information about different building techniques, and we present photos about foreign loghomes as well. Until the end of 2005 thirteen issues were published.
Nowadays, loghome building technology is getting more and more known in Hungary, and it is spreading in the Hungarian market of homebuilding. One of the main aims of our magazine is to show the advantages of this technology.
From 2006 we publish our magazine called Starfield monthly with the following different topics:
Log Homes
Stick Homes
Natural Homes
Country Homes